Catalog of NFA training packages available

Issue 3 and Volume 140.

Catalog of NFA training packages available Understanding how a fire will affect a building’s structural stability is imperative for fire suppression forces if they are to ensure their own safety during emergency operations. “Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces” is the latest of the training media packages put together by the National Fire Academy (NFA) and available through the National Audiovisual Center. The first building construction course covers wood and ordinary construction; the second focuses on noncombustible and fireresistive construction. To date, there are 13 training courses that have been developed, field tested, validated, and reviewed by the NFA for use by state and local fire/rescue service organizations. There are now four programs being developed and field tested and will be available for hand off through the NFA’s train-thetrainer program. The first, expected to be available later in 1987, is “Preparing for Incident Command, Commanding the Initial Response.” The second,…

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