Size-up: Another Consideration

Issue 3 and Volume 140.

Size-up: Another Consideration DEPARTMENTS Volunteers Corner In my last column, we followed one person through his size-up. We started with him responding from his home to an alarm for a structural fire and ended with him performing a job “well done.” He was very successful because he was able to draw from his experience, his training, a working knowledge of his response district, and just how his fire department was known to operate and react in a given emergency. We could have followed any number of personnel assigned responsibilities to perform specific tactics and come up with similar results. We could have been looking at the vent team, a water supply team, or a forcible entry team and pointed out that they were successful because of a timely and correct size-up. The main point of the article was to reinforce the statement that all members must perform size-up. For years,…

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