Issue 5 and Volume 140.

MANUFACTURER’S LITERATURE Ladder safety literature Loughlin Enterprises is offering literature describing its new Ladder Beacon. Developed by a firefighter, this mercury-switch-activated strobe light is a dependable aid to the firefighter in locating the means of egress, a ladder. When placed on the tip of an aerial, Ladder Beacon also assists the operator in determining proper location and positioning. The Lexan-protected, high-impact device activates when any ladder it’s attached to is placed in an upright position. Circle No. 51 on Reader Service Card Absorbent product booklet A 16-page, four-color booklet is available from New Pig Corp. The booklet uses pictures and diagrams to describe the company’s super-absorbent sock, which sucks up liquids from accident spills. Circle No. 47 on Reader Service Card Fire hose catalog National Fire Hose Corp. announces the availability of its newly revised industrial catalog, which contains descriptions of and specifications for standard items and some new products.…

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