Issue 6 and Volume 140.

Acetone HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Chemical Data Notebook Series: The first priority of emergency crews responding to an acetone spill must be to prevent an explosion. Acetone’s flammable range is 2.1% to 13% in air, which means it doesn’t take much released material to quickly produce enough vapors to exceed the lower flammable limit. Being volatile, acetone will produce those vapors rapidly and at a low temperature. Its flash point of 0° F means it will produce vapors sufficient to form an ignitable mixture with the air near the surface of the liquid or its container at 0° F or above. And with a vapor density of 2.0, acetone’s vapors will “hang” together near the ground and flow along any low spots, accumulating in any confined space near or below the ground. Acetone is a flammable, colorless liquid with a sweet, fruity odor that may be recognized as the odor of nail…

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