Heavy Foam Cover, Any Time Any Place

Issue 6 and Volume 140.

Heavy Foam Cover, Any Time Any Place EQUIPMENT INNOVATIONS Photos by 3M A simple system has put foam capability on every one of Hayward’s pumpers. For less than $1,000 each, the Hayward (Calif.) Fire Department has equipped eight pumpers to deliver large-volume foam protection to any fire or hazardous material spill within 15 seconds of arriving at an incident. With the conversion, made a year and a half ago, each of the pumpers can deliver “crash truck” foam volumes to any fire or spill that’s within 150 feet of the apparatus. This allows us to provide quick response to any flammable liquid incident in the city, whether it be a major bulk storage fire or a tanker rollover on a freeway. Each engine is equipped to deliver 350 gpm of 3%/6% foam for 1 ¼ minutes. The city’s other two engine companies, assigned to Hayward Municipal Airport protection and backup,…

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