Letters to the Editor

Issue 6 and Volume 140.

Letters to the Editor Thoughts, criticisms, and new ideas offered on lubrication systems article The article “Proper Lubrication Reduces Engine Wear” by Jerry Shelby in the March issue appears to offer a minimal solution to a complicated problem. The article was predominately turbocharger-oriented, and the information on turbocharger lubrication was somewhat misleading. Major consideration should be given to manufacturers’ recommendations for using add-on units. This is the most commonly used system for turbocharger prestart and shutdown lubrication systems, before installation. Studies have shown that turbocharger lube systems, other than those that are factory-engineered, can be an additional cause of failure. Fittings may loosen, supply lines may break, or secondary pressurization components may fail. A fire apparatus has many demands placed on it. To use a turbocharger lubrication system that isn’t factory-recommended is an unnecessary added risk. Mr. Shelby also suggests using multigrade (15W40) oil to reduce wear at startup. He…

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