Issue 6 and Volume 140.

Why? DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION Hey kid, pull this ceiling. Over here, at my light beam,” the lieutenant said. The young firefighter was always ready. He threw the pike pole into the overhead. “Damn, missed it again,” he thought. The scowl on the officer’s face was routine, and so was the retort that was coming next. The firefighter had heard it so often, he could mouth the words through his plaster-encrusted lips. “Not there, here,” the aged leader said. The officer actually believed his light beam would bring the ceiling down, this idiocy was also our fault, for we actually practiced throwing our hooks with pinpoint accuracy to stem the quiet ire of our “boss of bosses.” We never questioned why the hook had to hit the structure exactly at the small circle of light; there was no time or place for that. Nor was it a question that was permitted…

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