Issue 6 and Volume 140.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST Simulator system Public Service Computer Software Inc. announces the release of the FireSoft Fireground Command Simulator for use on IBM-compatible microcomputers. The simulator is intended for use in training fireground commanders. Hundreds of different situations may be generated by selecting from among five buildings (two residential, two commercial, one multifamily), day or night alarm, number of building occupants, percentage of fireground involvement upon arrival, and number of companies responding. The student has access to block plans, floor plans, building cross-sections, and overall building views in order to decide what to do next. Circle No. 19 on Reader Service Card Rescue tool powerpack Independent simultaneous operation of two rescue tools is now possible with the B4-Simo Powerpack from Lukas of America Inc. One motor drives two hydraulic pumps so the tools don’t interfere with each other while operating simultaneously. The powerpack is equipped with two dump valves and two…

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