A sprinkler ordinance that’s short and sassy

Issue 6 and Volume 140.

A sprinkler ordinance that’s short and sassy The city of Naples, Fla., has adopted a sprinkler ordinance of rare scope and brevity. The ordinance covers all new construction except single-family homes, carports, and sheds. Just one page long, it’s free of local amendments creating tradeoffs not allowed in the underlying documents, the 1985 version of the National Fire Protection Association’s National Fire Code. The building contractors of Naples “didn’t want us to rewrite everything. We took that as an opportunity,” says Fire Marshal Wayne Martin. The contractors “were our biggest opposition going in. I think they felt it would create a lot of confusion in interpretation” if the standards were amended locally. Although Naples’ ordinance is unusual in its strict adoption of national codes and its application to single-family homes, it’s milder than what contractors and other interested parties originally faced. The fire department’s first proposal covered even single-family housing…

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