How Much Training?

Issue 6 and Volume 140.

How Much Training? Volunteers Corner Many states and local jurisdictions have adopted requirements for firefighter certification. In many areas, these are voluntary, not mandatory, and the time and subject matters required vary considerably. But in truth, the classroom time specified isn’t critical. The bottom line is the production of a firefighter trained to do the job proficiently. A firefighter must react almost without thinking to perform the evolutions quickly and correctly. Someone’s life may depend on it. Every person has a different learning rate and learns in different ways. So how long it took for the firefighter to become proficient is of little consequence. However, repetition is necessary to understand, learn, and reinforce many of the tasks involved in firefighting. Some individuals may have trouble learning to tie knots, while others may find that becoming acclimated to breathing apparatus is a major physical and psychological hurdle. With constant training, drilling,…

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