Coordinate the haz-mat paperwork, IAFC urges

Issue 6 and Volume 140.

Coordinate the haz-mat paperwork, IAFC urges Dispatches Hazardous materials information will pour into fire departments, local emergency planning commissions, and state planning commissions by October 17 because of new federal right-toknow requirements. And the International Association of Fire Chiefs says it will take a national clearinghouse to keep public officials’ heads above the paperwork flood. Under Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, fire departments and the local and state agencies will have to collect from industries in their areas the material safety data sheets for individual substances or lists of hazardous chemicals grouped by hazard class. The IAFC points out that fire departments are likely to face increased liability under the new law, and many departments, especially volunteer ones, don’t have the means to cope with the paperwork onslaught. The chiefs’ group is a member of an ad hoc advisory panel, chaired by Chief Warren…

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