A Vehicle Rescue System

Issue 7 and Volume 140.

A Vehicle Rescue System In some parts of the country, it isn’t uncommon to find that 30 percent or more of a fire department’s alarms are related to automobile accidents. In many of those incidents, an officer or even an entire department will make the mistake of thinking that the response begins with the dispatch. In actuality, it begins far in advance of that, with planning, classroom instruction, and practical, hands-on experience in a controlled environment where the skills learned in the classroom can be practiced and perfected. My purpose here isn’t to provide a lesson in extrication, but to emphasize the point that extrication is just one phase of a total system—a vehicle rescue system. What follows is a step-by-step breakdown of the 11 activities involved in answering a typical motor vehicle accident dispatch. Notice that of the 11 steps, only 8 happen at the scene. Two occur prior…

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