Issue 8 and Volume 140.

FIRE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTS EDITORIAL 6 VOLUNTEERS CORNER 8 Fire apparatus safety in NFPA 1500 TRAINING NOTEBOOK 10 News media at the scene DISPATCHES 16 FEMA won’t reorganize yet Volunteers on fire program attacks Putting a cap on furnace CO Change to ground ladder standard Fire hose pressure markings Honoring fallen firefighters LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 14 READER SERVICE CARD 21 APPARATUS DELIVERIES 58 EQUIPMENT DIGEST 59 TRAINING AIDS 65 COMPANY NEWS 66 MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE 67 NAMES IN THE NEWS 71 COMING EVENTS 72 CLASSIFIEDS 73 FEATURES HAZARDOUS MATERIALS UNDERSTANDING CHEMICAL TOXICITY 18 There are plenty of gaps in the data on how chemicals affect the human body. Knowing how little we know will help you protect yourself. BY JOHN E. BOWEN ETHYLENE 53 A small spill of ethylene presents big hazards to responders—explosive potential, and frostbite, too. BY FRANK L. FIRE COMMUNICATIONS THE CROWDED AIRWAVES OF CALIFORNIA 29 In just…

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