Letters to the Editor

Issue 8 and Volume 140.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Hand washing is most effective way to help prevent spread of hepatitis virus “Hepatitis-B: Preventive Medicine for Emergency Responders” by Tom Richardson in the May issue was, on the whole, very well constructed and written. But Capt. Richardson failed to mention the most basic preventive medicine available to all emergency responders to prevent the spread of any communicable disease. This is simple hand washing. The hepatitis viruses can live outside of the human host on an inanimate object for up to six months and cause infection when taken into the body. The hepatitis-A virus is passed through feces and is commonly contracted by fecal oral contamination. It can be contracted indirectly, such as by handling food without washing, or it can be transmitted directly from an infected person to a noninfected person. I assume the hepatitis-D virus isn’t mentioned in the article because this virus…

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