Steering Column Extrication: Alternatives

Issue 3 and Volume 141.

Steering Column Extrication: Alternatives RESCUE When the traditional method isn’t good enough anymore, try one of these. The last of three parts. (All photos by Ronald E. Moore) After spending all of the last article on two steering column extrication methods that work across the front of the vehicle, we now move to other areas of the car. The third basic method uses a four-foot-long block of wood placed over the windshield opening, parallel to and above the steering column, as the base for the rescue tool that will move the column. This method has some advantages and some disadvantages over the two previous methods which depend on the front of the automobile. This method requires that the vehicle not be resting on its roof and that the roofline of the vehicle be somewhat intact. But the big advantage of this method is that it works without relying on the…

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