Only One Standard

Issue 3 and Volume 141.

Only One Standard TRAINING Training should produce firefighters who meet the department standards, reasoned the staff of Pittsburgh’s academy. Whether the recruit is male or female is beside the point. Last September, 31 recruits began a training program for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. A third of them were female. Although there was plenty of publicity and concern about the make-up of this class, no one had told the training staff what to expect or how to act. The only instruction was given by Chief John R. Leahy, Jr.: All recruits must meet the completion requirements or be dismissed. The 12-week course consisted of subjects corresponding to National Fire Protection Association Standards 1001, “Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications,” and 1002, “Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications.” To be successful, recruits had to pass a U.S. Department of Transportation first responder course, a Pennsylvania Firefighter I certification test, and a departmental Firefighter II…

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