House Fires: The Initial Attack

Issue 3 and Volume 141.

House Fires: The Initial Attack Volunteers Comer We can never take private dwelling fires for granted—they’re where most civilian deaths occur. In the “ordinary” house fire, we’re usually summoned to an advancing but controllable situation, and our mode is attack. Attack the fire and save lives—civilian lives, our most important concern. This attack is going to be based on our size-up. In the January issue, we found that houses, irrespective of style, have some common denominators. Bedrooms (except in Cape Cods) are mostly grouped together, and stairways are normally close to the front door. The stairways are open, giving an unimpeded flow to the upper floor. When we looked at the ranch style, we found that the center hall separates the bedrooms from the living and utility rooms, and it’s in line with the front door. With this in mind, stop reading—look away from this article— and visualize placing the…

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