Issue 3 and Volume 141.

APPARATUS DELIVERIES Rather than replace its rusted 1976 Seagrave pumper, the Pattonville Bridgeton Terrace (Mo.) Fire Department gave it new life. The pumper was remanufactured by Southern Coach Inc. and returned to the department in March of last year. The pumper’s steel body was replaced with aluminum; new doors were put on; the body was refabricated from the engine compartment rearward; a hydraulic ladder rack was installed; the pump was rebuilt; and a new booster tank and two high-sided compartments were added. With the aluminum body, says Captain Bob Savant, the pumper should be able to stand up to Missouri’s rough winters. The 28square-mile district, in suburban of St. Louis, receives about 30 to 40 inches of snow each winter. Road salt used to melt away snow and ice apparently also ate away at the pumper’s steel body. Cost was the department’s main reason for having the pumper remanufactured. It…

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