Issue 3 and Volume 141.

NAMES IN THE NEWS James G. Yvorra, deputy chief of the Berwyn Heights (Md.) Fire Department and Rescue Squad and a nationally known fire service author and editor, was killed in the line of duty Jan. 29. He was 35. Yvorra was struck by a vehicle during an emergency response to an automobile accident. After discovering that injuries to the car’s occupants were minor, he attempted to cross back over four lanes of Interstate 95 to slow down or turn around arriving apparatus. He rode with police to the accident as part of an emergency service exchange program he started, attempting to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding among fire, law enforcement, and EMS personnel. More than 1,200 people attended a memorial service for Yvorra on Feb 2. Yvorra was with the Berwyn Heights department for 11 years, holding all ranks through deputy chief. He was a shift officer…

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