Issue 3 and Volume 141.

TRAINING AIDS Emergency Medical Planning has updated the packaging of its medical training program. The Medic First Aid ’86 Standard, a ready-to-use, seven-module slide and sound presentation, now comes with a polypropylene tray toter and nylon shoulder bag. The program consists of hands-on first aid training materials and is designed to be completed in eight hours. The course includes one-person CPR, patient care for the unconscious, patient assessment, diabetic emergencies, head injuries, lifting and moving, and burns and electrical injuries. A second program. Medic First Aid ’86 Budget, is identical to the standard program, only it’s shipped in white cardboard boxes. Contact Maryl Barker or Peder Heinman, Sr., at (503) 344-7099 for more information on the programs. Soltys Associates has developed a five-step “Right-to-Know Compliance Kit” to help employers inform and train employees about in-house haz mats and reduce the potential for government fines. The kit includes an enlarged replica…

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