It’s Not a Debate Any Longer

Issue 3 and Volume 141.

It’s Not a Debate Any Longer DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION City firefighter found guilty of sexual harassment,” read the news clipping. The story reported on a male firefighter on the West Coast suspended for slapping a female firefighter on the backside and trying to grab her breasts while they were on duty. With a public and media that are pretty firmly on our side, I wonder why we sometimes go so far out of our way to look so bad. It’s high time we put this crap behind us. Not too long ago, a similar assault in a New York City fire station kept the news media busy for weeks. Records of other such incidents have cropped up in the national news since women joined the fire service. Thank God they’re occurring less and less. The point is that the incidents should have served as costly and embarrassing examples of how…

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