Issue 4 and Volume 141.

Animals Random Thoughts On… Photos of caring firefighters removing unconscious household pets from fire buildings are common, and they make fine public relations. It’s only fine, however, if the pet was removed after the primary search was completed. Practice concern for pets at fires, but remember that they aren’t human beings and should never be treated as such during firefighting. Locating and removing an animalshould never be the cause of aborting a search for human beings; remember the animal’s location and return later. Nor should a pet cause you to fail in completing any other assignment— gaining roof access, stretching hoses, or whatever. One of the reasons to carry a goodhandlight is that you must discern the difference between a soft, limp animal and a small human. This is no easy task under conditions of excitement, lack of visibility, and loss of touch because of gloves. Pet owners can fool…

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