Vertical Venting of Private Dwellings

Issue 4 and Volume 141.

Vertical Venting of Private Dwellings Volunteers Corner We ended the March Volunteers Corner with some thoughts on horizontal ventilation, a defensive tactic which we’ll discuss more next time. For now, let’s concentrate on vertical venting, an offensive move which will take place earlier. It does two things: relieves the upper floors of the products of combustion and stops or controls the horizontal movement or mushrooming effect of the fire, stopping smoke, heat, and fire from entering adjoining spaces. In essence, vertical ventilation buys time for victims who might be trapped or next to the fire. It’s the same principle on which a fire in a fireplace works. Before a fire is started, the owner will open the draft damper in the chimney to create an unobstructed, vertical escape for the products of combustion. Because the chimney is built directly over the fire box, the smoke and convected heat escape harmlessly…

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