Letters to the Editor

Issue 4 and Volume 141.

Letters to the Editor The equipment isn’t always at fault for interior pump pressure loss; its operation may be, too In your December 1987 issue, Lt. Herman Collier wrote a Training Notebook article, “Interior Pump Pressure Loss.” I feel that his article was incomplete in a few ways. First, he doesn’t mention what size outlets are being used on pump discharge ports. The standard 2½ outlet is installed to deliver 250 gpm. While fire pumps may deliver more gallons per minute through these outlets, there will occur a point when the increase in flow will create back pressure, or resistance to flow. If large-diameter hose is to be supplied through 2Vi-inch discharges, multiple outlets should be used with short lengths of 2’/2-inch, 3-inch, or 3½⅛⅛ hose to feed the supply to a large-diameter Siamese connection. Also, today’s fire pump manufacturers are providing larger discharge outlets specifically for use in feeding…

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