Issue 7 and Volume 141.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST Industrial apparatus Large hydrocarbon fires can create millions of dollars of damage in minutes, making adequate suppression equipment a key plant investment. Fast suppression is the strong suit of Tosco Corp.’s new “Hero” Super Pumper. Its unique modular design delivers up to 15,000 gpm from 250 feet away. Circle No. 16 on Reader Service Card Mobile scanner AOR Ltd. introduces a miniature mobile scanner that has frequency synthesized keyboard control. Twenty front keys access the onboard microcomputer which controls the unit. A unique system of light-emitting diodes provides bright, read-at-a-glance channel information and verifies frequencies through a count-off system. Circle No. 18 on Reader Service Card Cellular phone The NEC M4500ES cellular phone now has expanded spectrum capability, enabling 25 percent more access to open channels. The NEC M4500ES, available from NEC America Inc., features speed dialing of up to 99 frequently called phone numbers. On-hook dialing and…

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