Lesson Plan: Computer-aided Dispatch System

Issue 7 and Volume 141.

Lesson Plan: Computer-aided Dispatch System FEATURES COMMUNICATIONS How members of a volunteer fire department made technology work for them. The expanding role and size of the Bellevue (Neb.) Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) necessitated the development of a comprehensive pre-fire/medical emergency plan that would provide vital technical assistance in all operations. It was necessary for the fire preplan to contain such information as quickest route of travel, nearest hydrants, availability of sprinklers and standpipes, and hazards on locations. The medical preplan would have to contain information on the medical problem, medications, the hospital containing patient records, primary physician, and the last call made to the address. Several options were considered for collecting, storing, and retrieving this information. Most were labor-intensive, involved additional efforts for dispatchers, added response time for firefighters, and could not be readily updated. A computer-aided dispatch system (CADS) was finally chosen for the job. Background Bellevue is situated…

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