Manhattan Residence Hotel Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 141.

STRATEGY AND TACTICS Manhattan Residence Hotel Fire First-floor fire causes fatalities nine floors above, reinforcing firefighting and fire prevention basics. January 11 was a typically cold day and threatened to get colder as night fell on the midtown Manhattan skyscrapers. The tours had changed, and the evening crews of the New York City Fire Department had begun meals in the station kitchens. Official FDNY photo. At 8:19 p.m., an alarm was received for fire at a high-rise residential building at 135 E. 50th Street, a 10-story, 100-foot by 100foot, H-shaped building. Commercial spaces occupied most of the first floor, and tenant apartments located on the second through tenth floors were served by two elevators and two enclosed stair shafts. Before the night zoas over, the Nezv York City Fire Department dispatched more than 20 pieces of equipment carrying more than 200 firefighters to the scene. The fivealarm fire required more…

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