Assessing Risk-Taking Behavior in Firefighters

Issue 11 and Volume 141.

Assessing Risk-Taking Behavior in Firefighters MANAGEMENT MOST FIRE DEPARTMENTS make an effort to recognize and reward heroic acts officially. Some departments honor personnel at annual dinners, some at civic ceremonies. In some paid, civil-service systems, points towards promotion are awarded by a board of merit which reviews written accounts of individual heroic performance. On occasion, other community components are involved in the commendation process; local newspapers run stories on the “Hero of the Month,” and local service clubs present plaques. We all know that the best newspaper photos and the most impressive video clips for that “film at 11“ are those which capture acts of bold courage. Firefighters often provide those acts. Each of us remembers at least one such especially moving image. They are often framed and hanging in the firehouse If the current mayor has a need to project a positive picture of city services under his administration,…

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