Issue 11 and Volume 141.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST ROOF SAFETY DEVICE The Leg Lock Safety Device, available from R-Lad Enterprises, was designed by a firefighter to make roof operations safer. Highly visible, the device enables safe, hands-free roof operations. Its lightweight construction allows it to be mounted onto a ladder before sending the ladder aloft. Once on the roof, it is quickly and easily repositioned on the ladder and locked into place. The Leg Lock Safety Device has been tested by a registered, professional engineer and has been certified to exceed the loads that would be placed upon it by firefighters during fire ground or training operations. Grde No. 14 on Reader Service Cord UNIVERSAL SPILL KITS Bregoil Sponge International Inc. introduces its Emergency Protective Action Pak. a line of universal spill kits. The non-selectivc absorbents are inert and allow immediate reponse to contain and absorb any fluid spills, including acids, caustics, solvents, and petroleum products.…

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