Issue 11 and Volume 141.

HOSELINE SAFETY RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE BASICS MAKE or break the firefighting operation. The basics (or lack of them) also cause injuries on the fireground. This month, I want to share some thoughts with you that may reduce injuries during the extinguishment function: hoseline operations. As always, I’m not saying that I know the best way to operate—but I do have a good idea where some of these injuries are coming from. Position of the nozzle control handle (bail): Do you have a practice of checking it at the start of a tour or as you assume the position of nozzleman at the hose load? Many times we can lx* caught by quick water at the wrong location, or worse —with someone in front of us. An unknown, open nozzle combined with the “surprise” of unplanned nozzle reaction can cause many types of injuries. Get in the habit of slamming…

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