Issue 11 and Volume 141.

TRAINING AIDS The Children’s Television Workshop’s “BIG BIRD GETS READY FOR HURRICANES” kit is available. It includes a 16-page booklet; a record; and a board game for the whole family. The kit, developed under a grant from FEMA, is designed to help parents and children learn about hurricanes and what they can do to remain safe. The overall message is “plan ahead.” For more information, contact the Children’s Television Workshop, Dept. CES/NH, One Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 1002 A. A COMMUNITY AWARENESS AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROGRESS REPORT is available from the Chemical Manufacturers Association. The booklet highlights CAER activities and addresses the relationship between CAER and SARA Title III. For more information, contact Chemical Manufacturers Association, 2501 M Street, NW, Washington, D C., 20037, or call (202) 887-1100.

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