Vehicle Extrication

Issue 11 and Volume 141.

Vehicle Extrication RESCUE First installment of a series that takes a systematic approach to a complex problem. VEHICLE EXTRICATION can be one of the most complex problems a firefighter or EMT will face. There are many things to consider, analyze, and prepare for. A multitude of hazards must be anticipated and handled. The responsibility on the officer-in-charge is enormous. He must have a systematic approach to each incident and follow a sequence of steps to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that danger to the rescuers and victims is minimized. There are eleven steps to a successful rescue. This is not to suggest that the officerin-charge should stand with a checklist, marking off each task as it is performed; rather, this is a mental checklist that, once learned, will assist him in making automatic responses. The eleven steps are: Preparation Response Assessment Hazard Control Stabilization Primary Access Secondary Access Disentanglement…

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