Issue 11 and Volume 141.

MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE REGULATIONS CATALOG Labdmaster, a firm specializing in regulatory products, announces the release of its 1989 comprehensive catalog. The new catalog includes the company’s complete selection of labels, truck markings, and packaging, all produced in compliance with OSHA, DOT, and EPA requirements. There’s also a large selection of books, publications. video programs, and training aids. did* No. 41 on Reoder Service Card TREADMILL LITERATURE Literature on the VersaClimber, a vertical treadmill, is available from Heart Rate Inc. ITiis model simulates a vertical running motion rather than a climbing motion; the user can walk, jog, sprint, or run up the “mountain” at various strides and running speeds. According to the literature, which lists the device’s benefits, the VersaClimber features a cross-crawl running motion and enables three workouts inside of a sixfoot circle. Circle No. 43 on Reoder Service Cord APPARATUS BROCHURES Color brochures on the TeleSqurt water tower/aerial ladder are…

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