Elevator Use

Issue 11 and Volume 141.

Elevator Use STRATEGY & TACTICS More on High-Rise Tactics: Safety precautions to be used by firefighters when operating an elevator under Firemen Service—Phase II (firefighter use) during a high-rise building fire. The following items are applicable to all elevators installed in compliance with the New York City Building Code and ANSI A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. ANSI 17 has one additional requirement. The lobby keyed switch installed in compliance with ANSI 17 has a “bypass” position. This permits the elevators to be operated as normal while a smoke detector of water flow alarm is still transmitting an alarm. This provision is not permitted in New York City. To maintain adequate logistics support of fire suppression and rescue operations in a high-rise building, it is a necessity that the elevators be used. All firefighters must be trained in and must observe the following safety precautions when using the elevators…

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