Reports on Hackensack fire issued by NFPA and IAFF

Issue 11 and Volume 141.

Reports on Hackensack fire issued by NFPA and IAFF The National Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Fire Fighters have Independently released studies into the Hackensack, New Jersey Ford auto dealership fire/collapse, in which five firefighters were killed. The NFPA’s three-day, on-site investigation of the Hackensack incident was undertaken at the request of Hackensack Fire Chief Anthony A. Aiellos by Thomas J. Klein, director of the NFPA’s Fire Investigations Division. Its stated purpose is “to provide technical assistance to the fire department and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, to support local analysis of the incident.” The report makes it clear that the NFPA’s intent was not to “pass judgment on, or fix liability for, the loss of life and property at the firefighter fatality incident….” The NFPA report provides background on the city of Hackensack and general statistics and daily operating procedures concerning its 100-member fire department; data…

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