Issue 11 and Volume 141.

SOME NOTES ON EXTRICATION TRAINING NOTEBOOK AN INCIDENT THAT fire departments sometimes take for granted is the auto extrication. In many larger departments, the auto extrication is an everyday occurrence; in smaller departments, it may only be encountered several times a year. The auto extrication is the beginning of the victim’s “golden hour.” It can be the difference between life and death, and therefore must be a quick, efficient, and safe operation for all departments. The following is a list of notes which can be applied to even auto accident scene. Gather as much information about the accident before you respond to the scene. Find out what you must know before you go. Size-up of the extrication begins with the receipt of the call for help. Drive defensively and controlled enroute to the scene. You can’t help if you don’t get there. Establish a command system for your rescue team.…

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