Issue 2 and Volume 142.

SCBA USE AND SAFETY RANDOM THOUGHTS ON… THE UNITED STATES fire service will almost always agree on one thing—a mandatory positive-pressure, self-contained breathing apparatus policy for every firefighter engaged in a structural fire operation. But if you talk to field personnel, there are a few reservations that continually pop up. They can all be overcome with training and awareness (as can most problems). Train with air—Although seemingly basic, this bears repeating. We should be training with full fire clothing and SCBA for most of our tactical sessions. But how many of us actually use the air in our protection system when training? At search, ventilation, ladder, and hose stretching classes, we usually find the firefighter with no facepiece or with it in standby position, or with the airhose disconnected from the regulator. In our training maze on Long Island, we have not been able to continue training past phase one:…

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