Lightweight Wood Truss Construction Gives Up More Lessons

Issue 3 and Volume 142.

(Photo by Farmington Hills FD) Lightweight Wood Truss Construction Gives Up More Lessons FIRE REPORT The continuing battle against runaway technology. LIGHTWEIGHT WOOD TRUSS construction is having a major impact on firefighter safety and survival throughout the country. This fact has been emphasized over and over in this and other fire service publications by Frank Brannigan, Vincent Dunn, John Mittendorf, and authors of fire reports from every section of the nation. Originally designed for large, open commercial spans, lightweight truss construction has found its way into bedroom community private dwellings. The factors of less cost and reliance on performance codes are the underlying causes. In January 1988, the Farmington Hills (MI) Fire Department had these lessons vividly reinforced at a private dwelling fire in our district. The structure collapsed early in the fire operation without causing injury—but we were just lucky. On that day, we responded to a reported kitchen…

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