Issue 3 and Volume 142.

I’LL TAKE THE HIT EDITOR’S OPINION Repetition is the mother of safety and efficiency, at least in our fire service. Communicated repetition breeds knowledge and awareness. I got an advisory complaint from our managing editor the other day as he was working on the fire report from Michigan on page 32. “With Brannigan, Dunn, Corbett, Mittendorf and others writing articles about the dangers of lightweight wood truss construction, do you think we should run another so soon?” he asked. To answer him, I quickly reviewed some facts that have motivated me on the subject. In 1978, we lost six firefighters at the Waldbaum’s Fire in Brooklyn, New York; 16 others on that same roof were luckier. We knew Brannigan’s book, Building Construction For the Fire Service, by heart—for the promotion exam! We were unable to take the lesson from Cliffside Park, New Jersey—where 5 brothers from the Ridgefield Fire Department…

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