Risk/Benefit Analysis on the Fireground

Issue 3 and Volume 142.

Risk/Benefit Analysis on the Fireground STRATEGY & TACTICS Analyzing the risks accompanying fireground decisions isn’t just good policy— it is your obligation. A VIDEOTAPE of a welladvanced church fire, at which several master streams were employed, was incorporated into a lecture on firefighter safety. It highlighted a solitary firefighter who operated a relatively small attack line in close proximity to the structure. Suddenly, this firefighter was struck by a falling wall and, judging from the first-aid measures that were taken, he incurred serious injury. Analyzing that situation, we see a firefighter whose desire to become actively involved in the control effort overshadowed the potential risks attached to such action. His actions were the result of a well-intentioned but misguided effort to impact the fire—to make a difference. Since the structure was heavily involved, would the relatively small amount of water that the firefighter was applying to the fire really have…

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