Issue 4 and Volume 142.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST MOTION DETECTOR The Vibraphone ASB 6 Motion Detector, available from High-Tech Diving and Safety Equipment, Inc., is used to locate victims buried alive in collapsed buildings, landslides, and avalanches. The ASB 6 has been successfully used in Soviet Armenia by British rescuers. It was also used to monitor the breathing and movement of Jessica McClure, the toddler who was trapped in a well pipe. Circle No. 1 on Reader Service Card TRANSCEIVER Heath Company announces the availability of its SB-1400 All-Mode Transceiver, which provides coverage with 100 watts of transmit power on all nine HF amateur bands. The SB-1400 has receiver squelch in all modes; an “operator preferred” front panel layout of controls, computer interface; and memory to hold favorite frequencies. Accessories include an FM module; a hand-held microphone: and a mobile bracket. Circle No. 18 on Reader Service Card POSITIVE-PRESSURE VENTILATORS Super Vac Manufacturing Co. introduces its…

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