Issue 4 and Volume 142.

(Photo by Warren J. Fuchs, Jr.) DANGERS OF OPERATING ABOVE A FIRE STRATEGY & TACTICS It’s a routine operation at most structure fires, but it’s also one of the most dangerous positions of the firefight. Training and awareness are the keys for safe success. “FIRE IS REPORTED on the ground floor of a 2 1/2-story frame buildat 142 West Street. People are trapped in the bedroom above the fire. Your response is three engines, two ladder companies, and a rescue company.” “Ladder 6 to Communications Center, message received. We are responding.” As the ladder company pulls up in front of the house fire, people dressed in nightclothes run up to the firefighters. A woman grasps the captain’s hand and cries, “There’s a fire in my house! My child is trapped upstairs in the bedroom! Please! Please! Save him!” Heavy black smoke billows out of the partly opened front door. The…

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