Why Sprinkler Systems

Issue 4 and Volume 142.

Why Sprinkler Systems FIRE PROTECTION For more than one hundred years, sprinklers have proven their effectiveness in fire suppression…. So why are fully sprinklered buildings burning down? (Photos by author.) AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS have proven themselves to be the most reliable form of fixed fire protection over the past 100 years. Statistics compiled by various organizations, most notably the National Fire Protection Association, have shown that fires occurring in buildings protected by automatic sprinkler systems are controlled or extinguished by the sprinklers 96 out of 100 times. In fact, the success rate is probably even higher than reported because there are numerous small fires in industry every day that are controlled or extinguished by automatic sprinklers but are not reported to the public authorities and therefore are not reflected in the published statistics. In some areas, such as Australia and New Zealand, where inspection and reporting requirements are much more stringent,…

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