Issue 4 and Volume 142.

ROOF SAFETY RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE VALUE OF vertical ventilation—as soon as possible at most structure fires—is well-known. The hows, whys, whens, and whos are a matter of department policy based on experience, training, and preplanning. However, there are many injuries directly and indirectly related to roof operations. Where do they have their origins? Roof safety should begin in quarters. Tactics and procedures should be well-drilled and planned for before the alarm sounds. Firefighters who are to perform this vital operation should know their assignment before arrival at the incident. Only then can valuable data be gained through size-up while responding. What kind of roofs are on the block? Are they connected? Are the buildings adjacent to the fire building the same size? Is the fire building standing alone? Getting there: Getting to the roof of the fire building is more than half the battle. The ideal success and safety…

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