Issue 4 and Volume 142.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT DISASTER MANAGEMENT part 1: The blind men look at the fire protection elephant. Editor’s note: Frank Brannigan has been a student of the total fire problem for over 50 years. Years ago he recognized that there is much more to overcoming our disastrous national fire loss than bigger hoses, longer ladders, and sturdier helmets. As he perceives it, the fire problem is like Aesop’s elephant: Each blind man has a different idea of what the elephant is, but no one understands the complete elephant. In this extended series, Frank will attempt to provide to the serious student an understanding of the entire fire protection “elephant.” THERE ARE AN infinite number of opinions as to how to reduce our disgraceful national fire loss. Some place all their fire protection eggs in the “fire prevention” basket— “We are very careful here; we have no trouble.” Some concentrate their attention…

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