Issue 6 and Volume 142.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST BRAKING RETARDER Telma Retarders will do up to 85 percent of a vehicle’s braking, saving the foundation brakes for when they are really needed. If the engine dies and the power brakes go with it, the retarder will still safely slow a vehicle down. As long as there’s power in the battery, these retarders, available from Telma Retarders, Inc., can act as a safety back-up system. Circle No. 1 on Reader Service Card EMERGENCY KIT Concern for people surviving a natural disaster prompted Countertrade Development Corporation International to develop an emergency kit containing an AM/FM radio with flashlight and siren; a 52-piece first aid kit developed by a chapter of the American Red Cross; a 15-function Army knife; solar blanket; purification tablets; light sticks; heavy-duty work gloves; a folding shovel; and more. Circle No. 2 on Reader Service Card MINIATURE TRANSCEIVER Trycomm introduces a miniature communications transceiver that…

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