The Ties That Bind

Issue 6 and Volume 142.

The Ties That Bind BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Are you well-connected – the buildings in your district, that is? An understanding and awareness of building connections may be the only thing that stops gravity from winning the battle. IN MANY fire departments, connections-political, fraternal, family, religious, or personal – are integral, sometimes essential requirements for promotion or desirable assignments. Such connections are important, but there are others that may be more important to your very life. The force of gravity is the eternal enemy of all structures Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, gravity is trying to pull the building down to the earth. By one method or another, the builder assembles a system to defeat the law of gravity. Except for the very simplest structures, connections, which transfer the load from one structural element to another, are a vital part of the gravity-resistance system. The connection system must be…

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