Issue 6 and Volume 142.

A THERMAL PANE IN THE GLASS TRAINING NOTEBOOK EVER FEEL as though the older you get, the hotter the fires seem to be? Well, there’s more truth to that than you may think. In past installments of “Training Notebook” I have discussed the various developments in insulation materials and their effects on our firefighting efforts (“Residential Roof Insulation: A New Headache,” March ’85; “Comercial Roof Insulation: An Old Headache Gets Worse,” October ’85; “Vertical Foam Insulation: Defeating the Firestop,” May ’87). Now let’s address what is perhaps the most prevalent method of energy conservation in use today: thermal-pane windows. In the early seventies, the world was stunned by the energy crisis and the realization that cheap fuel could no longer be taken for granted. Home owners, landlords, and building owners scrambled for ways to cut down on their heating and electric bills. Studies showed that millions of dollars in heat…

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