Operational Decision Making

Issue 6 and Volume 142.

Operational Decision Making DISASTER MANAGEMENT The Unifying Link In Incident Management Relying solely on the Incident Command System is not enough for today’s wide-ranging, large-scale incidents. It’s the management decision process that brings it all together. TODAY’S FIRE SERVICE is changing into a technology management service. The types of incidents with which we are confronted are many. Citizens and elected officials expect the fire service to provide, in addition to fire and rescue operations, basic and advanced life support, natural and man-made disaster management, and many other services. As the diversity of the situations increases, the ability to manage them effectively and efficiently is often severely tested. When faced with an uncommon, unfamiliar situation, decisive management can easily be compromised. Even when the Incident Command System is implemented, effective management of the operation may come into question. This brings up a vital distinction. The Incident Command System identifies management functions…

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