Issue 6 and Volume 142.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT DISASTER MANAGEMENT Part III: FRIENDLY HEAT SOURCES CAUSE UNFRIENDLY FIRES IN THE LAST COLUMN, we started our discussion of one of the friendly causes of fire: light. Remember that for each cause, we can discuss only a few representative instances. Another form of lighting that gives us unwanted heating is the fluorescent light fixture. Some ballasts can reach ignition temperature without blowing a 15-amp fuse. It becomes a heating element. Fluorescent light fixtures should be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code. (See NFPA 70, 410-74.) There should be at least 1½ inches of spacing between the fluorescent light ballast and combustible material. This is widely violated when fluorescent fixtures are installed on low ceilings. Because of the low overhead, it is necessary to position the fixture as high as possible for maximum clearance. This puts the fixture in direct contact with the combustible ceiling. When…

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